Is it safe to ride a taxi in London?

Is it safe to ride a taxi in London

Taxis are the lifeline of London because of their day/night services. You can book a taxi in London at any time simply by using the company’s Website or  app. Many companies like MiniCabRide provide taxi services and employ verified drivers, which solves the security issue that comes to our minds during the late-night journey. The services promise to give the…

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What do you do if you want a taxi in London?

What do you do if you want a taxi in London

There are several things to bear in mind when visiting London, especially if it is your first trip. Although London has an excellent public transportation system, taking a taxi seems handier than taking the bus or the tube. From Heathrow airport, one can hire a cab directly to London and take in the scenery as they travel to the British…

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A Guide to UK Taxis: Travel Safety Advice

A Guide to UK Taxis Travel Safety Advice

The classic black cabs in London are a symbol of the city, and the UK taxis are well-known worldwide. Taxis and minicabs in the UK provide travelers with a secure means of transportation, and the once-only black cabs are now available in various colors. This guide examines contemporary taxis and minicabs in the UK and provides more details, helpful travel…

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What is an Airport Transfer services?

airport transfer services

Surely, if you are here, it is because you have some doubts about what an Airport Transfer Services is or what this service consists of and you would like to know more information. Perhaps you have read something about this option on a travel website or a friend has recommended it to you. Be that as it may, you are in…

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Transfers from London Airports

The City of London has six main airports which are Stansted , Luton , Heathrow , Gatwick and London City Airport . Southend On Sea Airport is also one of the popular London airports for reaching the British capital, and although it is a bit further out of the center than the other airports, it is quite easy to get…

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