A Guide to UK Taxis: Travel Safety Advice

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Last Updated: 5 August 2022

The classic black cabs in London are a symbol of the city, and the UK taxis are well-known worldwide. Taxis and minicabs in the UK provide travelers with a secure means of transportation, and the once-only black cabs are now available in various colors. This guide examines contemporary taxis and minicabs in the UK and provides more details, helpful travel ideas, and practical guidance on booking taxis, the costs, and considerations.

UK Minicabs & Taxis

The well-known London taxis may be flagged down on the street, are typically black colored (although they can also be other colors and may have banner ads on them), and their drivers are familiar with the area’s roads and routes. Because of their sense of humor, the drivers can make your trip more enjoyable! Cities like London have taxi ranks outside of public locations, including airports and train stations and taxis that may be located on the street. Use only authorized cabs to ensure your safety.

Minicabs provide a substitute for using taxis; however, unlike taxis, they cannot be called from the street and typically have lower pricing. Minicabs must be reserved in advance. Licensed London minicabs from reputed companies provide quality service and a practical means of transportation. Secondhand automobiles resemble regular cars and are not identified as taxis. The standard carrying capacity is four people, although larger cars, like those that can transport 7, can be reserved. It is vital only to use minicabs with a Public Carriage Office license; the PCO disc will be visible on the front or rear glass of the car.

A Taxi & Minicab Booking

You can flag down a taxi on the street; look for the lit-up “for hire” sign to indicate that it is open for business. When the signage is not lit, it is probably in use, or the driver is not on duty. There are numerous taxi ranks outside public locations, including UK airports (Heathrow GatwickStanstedSouthend and Luton Airport) .and train stations ( Euston, Ilford, Kings cross, Liverpool, London Bridge, Romford, Paddington, St, Pancras, Stratford , Victoria, Waterloo, Whitechapel Station ) where one can find cabs. If your group is more significant than 5, you will need to take another taxi or think about booking a minivan with a larger capacity. Most taxis can hold up to 5 passengers.

Minicabs must be reserved in advance of your trip. Therefore you must give sufficient time for the minicab to appear. Minicabs may take a while to arrive during rush hours, so making a reservation in advance is wise. There are numerous minicab companies in East LondonSouth LondonWest LondonNorth London. but for your safety, it is advised that you only use licensed companies. Ask your hotel or travel agency for the name of a trustworthy company you can use. Given that the fee is typically predetermined, it is crucial to agree on a fare at the time of booking to avoid confusion or conflict regarding paying.

What about the fares

The fare is typically displayed on the taxi’s fare meter, which is generally visible to customers in the back. This provides you an actual fare cost as you travel, and the price is then the amount displayed on the meter after your trip.Minicabs typically operate differently from taxis in terms of rates; their rates are frequently predetermined, and they lack the fare meters used in taxis. At your destination, you would pay the agreed-upon fare.

Advice and tips for travelers

Ask your hotel or tour guide for the contact information of a reliable taxi or minicab firm if you desire to employ them. Make sure your cellphone is charged up and functional before leaving the house in case you need it. Keep the contact information for local taxi and minicab companies close to hand. When visiting a new location that you are unfamiliar with, make a note of the contact information for a registered local taxi/minicab company and keep it on hand in case you ever need it.

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