April 2022: An Update From Our Company

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By Last Updated: 6 April 2022

Dear all,

Government made a promise of net zero economy by 2050 and after a year of lockdown we have started to recover our economy and you can see more vehicles on the road. London’s taxi and private vehicle sector reveals the importance of a clear environment and the zero emission vehicles come up as the ultimate solution. These vehicles feature smarter form of technology and you can explore a pollution-free environment.

MinicabRide is recognized as a renowned brand and it’s a well-known name in the capital for 15 years. Also, they are an important part of the transport network and they come up with sense of responsibility to take care of the environment. They finally have announced their first introduction of electric car. This amazing passenger car would be introduced by 2023. We are coming this new creation faster than any other PHV operator. The total investment on this project is £160 million and we are handling this project in a partnership with Volkswagen. The EURO 2020 was a nice invention and it was the electric car with the highest number of purchases in UK. We have already started our journey to make 100% electric cars, which won’t give rise to any bad emission. In the previous year, platform got highest number of purchases. In recent times, we already have more than 650 taxis with 0% emission. So, we always take care of the environment.

We’ve Been Working On Something Exciting

We come up with a plan to improve the environmental health of the capital. Society is showing strong support to your electric vehicles and we are launching a new program Future of Mobility Fund. This program would provide utmost support to the drivers and we come up with a total fund of £3.5 million. This fund along with our partners would be used to support the charging infrastructure and the drivers would get support to adjust with the new infrastructure. Hence, we along with our partners are coming up with a mission to change London’s environment. Also, we have a plan of installing plants at primary schools that would absorb pollution making the environment clean.

Our electric cars are good for the environment as well for the drivers. Our fund is well utilized for drivers and business customers and thus our electric cars are gaining utmost popularity. A recent survey reveals that about 86% drivers are ready to shift to electric cars and 82% of drivers showed the reason as zero emission. They would like to shift to the cars as they help in exploring pollution-free environment. However, there are certain difficulties. About 70% think that there may be a lack of infrastructure, which can give rise to complications. There are some issues with the switch and there are only 300 rapid chargers and this is not enough to support the charging environment. So, we are looking for charging partners who can produce rapid chargers for our electric vehicles. The chargers would meet our drivers’ needs and we are going to share more information soon.

We turn out with a commitment to create a greener environment and it’s time to explore cleaner London. According to a recent survey we conducted in May, 92% people said that it’s important to check environmental credentials when choosing a road transport company. Ourcategory Manager said MinicabRide’s ambitious, industry leading action aligns with bp’s Net Zero commitment and continued sustainability values.’

We alone won’t be able to create a cleaner environment and we are in urgent need of action from our partners. It’s time to come up with the world’s greenest taxi and we would do this in collaboration with TfL, London boroughs, energy companies and charging companies. We are looking forward to work together to resolve the issues.

MinicabRide helps in creating a better environment for the future that would help people to move free from any worries. We announce the introduction of green taxis to support this fact.

Kind regards,

MiniCabRide’s Team

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