Benefits of traveling. Past, present and future therapy

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Last Updated: 8 September 2021

Surely you know that beautiful sensation that you feel when you travel, explore a new place, get lost in wonderful corners, enjoy different gastronomy, discover unique and unforgettable places … You will have felt it on some occasion, for sure. It does not matter if you have travelled a lot or a little. It is easy to realize all the benefits of travelling. A real therapy, with great advantages.

If you really like to travel, surely you already know where we are going. And if you have not yet become fond of travel, we invite you to read this post so that you understand the incredible benefits of travelling. The best of disconnects!

What Are The Benefits Of Travelling?

We say that travelling is therapy because it brings us endless positive emotions and makes us see life differently, at least for a time (specifically, the duration of your trip).

Imagine yourself walking through a new city, whatever you want, visiting its monuments and having dinner in one of its restaurants. What do you feel when you think about it? It is possible that many of these situations will generate a beautiful smile and evoke a moment when you enjoyed and felt true happiness. And it is that when we visit a new place, we put aside the problems and focus our attention on knowing that place. We break with the routine and escape from problems, focusing our attention on other aspects.

All of this … sounds familiar to you, right? Well, this is the first of the benefits of travelling. Disconnecting from monotony and routine is one of the needs that human beings have and travelling offers us a complete disconnection. It invites us to feel calmer and we avoid thinking about those aspects that can generate negativity in our life.

Undoubtedly, on each trip, you learn something new and in very different areas. You learn more about geography, discover the history of the place, taste its gastronomy, learn about other cultures and enrich yourself as a person. In short, travelling makes you open your mind to other possibilities. And this, believe it or not, makes you feel much better as a person!

As you can see, travelling can become a real therapy that helps us to be more optimistic and happy. But the benefits of travelling last longer than you might have thought. Taking a trip can bring you countless good things from the moment it is prepared, until after even living the experience.

Future Therapy: Travel Preparation

When we say that travelling is a future therapy we mean that, months before you make the trip, we are already experiencing positive experiences in your mind. The preparation of those days spent away from home is a very enjoyed time among people passionate about travel. Choose the place, read about it, buy tickets, reserve accommodation … Each event brings us a little closer to that much desired moment. The more we organize, the more knowledge we are acquiring about the destination and we will notice how the illusion to travel is increasing.

Therefore, organizing a trip increases our motivation. To a certain extent, it helps us escape from the routine we have every day and makes us focus on that moment that will bring us so many congratulations, increasing our positivity. Illusion is one of the most beautiful and healing emotions we can have, as is motivation. Both give us positive energy in our daily life.

Present Therapy: We Are Going On A Trip!

The most anticipated moment has arrived in recent weeks, maybe even months. From the moment we leave home with our suitcases on our backs, a myriad of sensations invade us and we forget even our daily problems. Who has not ever said that ‘it doesn’t matter, we’ve come to have fun?

When we travel, we open our minds. We grow a little more personally. We can take the whole day walking around the city, even if the rest of the year we don’t do any sport. Here, tiredness does not matter at all.

We use all types of public transport, although in our day to day we always use the car. We adapt to other meal times, we try dishes that we could not have imagined. We meet people, buy souvenirs, take photos, etc. In short, during a trip, we do small but different things that remind us that we are travelling. But without a doubt, one of the great benefits of travelling is that we “reset” for a few days and adopt a philosophy of ‘zero stress’. Those days we are more relaxed, tolerant and permissive with ourselves. The only concern that runs through our heads is to enjoy that place to the fullest . Each trip offers us something new. We learn at every outing. We not only acquire knowledge of the site or general culture. We also learn from ourselves, we see everything we are capable of , we even become experts in improvising plans in almost extreme situations.

Past Therapy: The Best Memories

We generally look back on our vacations with joy and nostalgia. As much time passes and is a thing of the past, we will always smile when we remember the wonderful days we spent in that place. Travelling is one of the hobbies that leaves us with the best memories. We are able to close our eyes and move to that city that we fell in love with. We are fond of an object simply because we buy it on that site. And we can spend hours and hours talking about everything we experienced during those days. Anecdotes, curiosities, stories, experiences … And they will always make you smile! The benefits of travelling go much further and do not end when we have already made the trip. The sensations linger in us for the rest of our lives.

Still Don’t See The Benefits Of Traveling?

Get out of your comfort zone, embark on an adventure (even if you have everything super planned), enrich yourself, discover new places, break with the routine. These are just a few examples of the many benefits of travelling.

Taking a trip is, without a doubt, one of the best therapies. At least once a year you should allow yourself that luxury and take a break from everything else. But beware. This therapy can get very addictive! Minicabride is a Leading Tour Guide Company in London , United Kingdom

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