Best Things to Do in London

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Last Updated: 25 October 2020

London is full of attraction points. You can easily find some good pubs, theatres, and restaurants; you’ll never get bored by finding the best to do in London. Speaking as a Londoner, you can easily do lots of things here, out of the common places to visit and activities to try, which you may not discover various guide books.

A Visit to History

During the good weather, and London enjoys wonderful summer days, look for the best parks with a picnic and a good wine bottle. Go to the Hyde Park, you can easily take a boat inside the Serpentine Lake located in the mid of the park, appoint a bike, or enjoy a horse ride around one of the several bridle paths through Hyde Park. Otherwise just enjoy getting away from the busy London streets and people-watch – roller bladders, kite flyers, and dog walkers. You’ll be amazed at how many different things you’ll find!

Whitehall is the opportunity, started from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square, lined with control buildings, and in the middle of the British government. Down Whitehall is Downing Street, it the site of the Prime Minister’s house. After that you can move to Big Ben, the eminent tower clock, the Houses of Parliament, and Westminister Abbey location for splendid coronations since 1066 and most just that of Queen Elizabeth II in the year 1953.

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Tower Bridge is the renowned 19th-century bridge crossways the Thames River situated by the Tower of London. It was a great architectural and engineering marvel characteristic of a drawbridge so tall-masted ships could pass under. Travelers can take the Tower Bridge practice to visit the north tower and engine room to be trained on how the bridge is controlled.

Best Shopping Hub

London is the base for style, fashion, and music. An extensive selection of shops is all over London, from elevated priced special clothing and goods to some wonderful deals. For the clothes lovers or even shoe lovers, London’s market offers special designs and the wackiest appearance. However, once you begin, it is important to ring the bank, boost up the credit card limit, its time to begin spending!

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Camden Market is one of the best places to go if you are looking for some cheaper stuff; it’s situated next to the Camden Locks. It is one of London’s most trendy markets. During the weekends with thousands of business associates, but lookout for the “buggy brigade” the feet will be swollen, but not from the nonstop shopping… from having them constantly rolled over and even stamped on!

Best Transportation Options Available

Public transport in London is cost-effective if you purchase a daily or weekly travel card, it surely gives you an unlimited tour of London’s bus, tube, and rail network. A difference of this experience includes paying a visit to all 22 streets and 4 stations on the London account of the Monopoly board though this demands careful planning as buses are concerned on the journey as well!

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