Clean Up the Air of London – Quickly and Speedily About One Mile A Day

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By Last Updated: 2 July 2022

In the case of one million – we at MinicabRide are always keen to celebrate every important milestone. This week, when we are celebrating Earth Day – now we have completed more than 1 million miles of journeys in our new electric task force. We initiated rolling out our fully electric VW ID.4s in late November 2021. At the present, we are serving about 500 customers across London. It speaks about the high demands for the services as London’s economic and social activity come back to the pre-pandemic levels; it also speaks that we can return to growth in an environmentally friendly manner. In the delivery of the million EV miles, we have removed about 300,000 kg of CO2 from the air of London. To put it in the right way, it is equal to the power supply of 60 homes over one year or the amount of carbon impounded by 5,000 tree seedlings that last grown for 10 years.

Introduction of the first app

We have now looked to increase the bar in the private hire industry of London. The first app has been introduced for private hire services in London. The team has developed the first auto-allocator, which has allowed us to work out more efficiently and save thousands of emissions and miles; we were the first individual hire business to offset 100% of the carbon all over our fleet, and just now, we pledged to let our fully electric passenger services by 2023. It implies that we will be the biggest electric private hire operator in London – two years former than any of our competitors.

The future of EV

However, EV services are expected to celebrate the special milestone, the special thing is that we can and will perform more. In the last 3-4 years that these 450 EVs will spend on our fleet, we will take away 11,000 tones of CO2 from the air of London. After shifting to the fully electric passenger fleet in 2023, the digit will cross the number of 50,000 tones. For the information, these are not simply statistics shared on the webpage but will make a
material crash on London’s quality of life. It will assist the Mayor of London in getting his ambition to make London a net zero city by the year 2023. Now, the Londoners can respire more easily as they go about their everyday activities. Visitors to our huge capital can enjoy the experiences and sights understanding that they are not in pain from the impacts of severe air pollution.

Fully electrify by 2023

EV services are proud to have made this assurance to fully electrify by 2023 and in doing so hit this millionth-mile marker. We hope that others in the manufacturing will follow our lead and assist to make London a cleaner and greener city – one mile at a time. If you are willing to know more information related to our EV services and setting up an account, please contact Our team is ready to answer all of your queries and questions without any delay.

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