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Last Updated: 15 April 2024

Covid-19 has hugely impacted the world, with countries going through the complete lockdown.Every major aspect of the economy has taken a financial hit, with essential services available it is important to provide necessities to the common people as quickly as possible. Traveling through one place to another has been an issue as common travel has been mostly restricted or stopped. So, to ensure the wellbeing of people traveling in an emergency is important, with our services that ensure to provide a proper service to all passengers and customers for emergency or delivery services.

 latest Government guidelines surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19), we have taken the following measures to ensure the safety of drivers and customers. 

  • Passengers and drivers should wear a face covering as much as possible. You can see guidelines here.
  • Passengers should sit in the back of the vehicle. 
  • Drivers are not allowed to touch customer luggage for the safety of drivers and customers. The customer may be avoiding contact to protect themselves and the more vulnerable.
  • keep a window slightly open to allow for ventilation. This can be especially important for longer journeys. 
  • All customers are advised to make payment by card in advance to reduce Cash handling between customers and drivers. 
  • Drivers should keep some hand-sanitizer and fresh tissues in the car at all times and offer these to customers. This should be done before and after every journey. Drivers should also use these tissues to catch coughs and sneezes, disposing of them as soon as possible.
  • Drivers should keep their vehicles clean to reduce the impact of the virus. Regularly clean surfaces such as card payment devices, steering wheels, handbrake, and door handle with normal cleaning products. This should be done at the beginning, middle, and end of every shift.
  • Everyone should wash hands frequently with soap and water (drivers can keep a bottle of water and soap in their vehicles) or use a hand sanitizer. Do this for at least 20 seconds. Sanitizer gel should be a minimum of 60% alcohol.
  • Keep following government advice surrounding the outbreak which you can access here.

In the line of UK Government Advice, the guidelines that PHE adhere should strictly be followed by your service provider to protect their people, driver-partners, and passengers to manage the spread of COVID-19. And that is why only essential travel needs and delivery services they only provide to maintain its safety. Download your travel application service provider and booked when you need an emergency or assistance to help you drive the destination you wish to reach safely and secure. Because they understand that all of you may have concerns about traveling in private hire vehicles during this time of crisis. A Crisis that only with firm implementing policy and guidelines can fight against COVID-19.


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