How to get from Heathrow to Gatwick Airport?

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Last Updated: 15 June 2022

If you fly to London, you will almost certainly pass across Heathrow or Gatwick airports. If you have to commute between the two airports, whether you are using London as a jumping-off point for exploring more of Europe or you have found a long-haul deal by reserving divided tickets with multiple carriers, here is a helpful guide for making your transfer as simple as possible, along with a budget option which will cost you just under 5 pounds.

What is the distance between London Heathrow and London Gatwick?

Heathrow and Gatwick are approximately 38 miles apart. There is no direct rail connection between the two. Thus tourists should connect through central London.

 Basics to know

Heathrow Airport, 24 km west of London, is among the world’s busiest airports, and the London Underground connects all 5 terminals to central London. Gatwick Airport is the UK’s second-biggest airport, located about 30 miles south of London. An excellent monorail service connects the two terminals (south and north), and the airport is accessible to central London via train.

The distance between the airports is about 38 miles. Heathrow and Gatwick do not have a direct train connection, and you must travel by rail through central London.

If you are making reservations for a connecting flight that arrives at Heathrow and departs from Gatwick (or vice versa), remember that these are the UK’s largest and busiest airports. As a result, you will have to allow extra time for security screening, check-in, customs, baggage collection, and the transfer traveling time.

Traveling From Heathrow To Gatwick Airport By Taxi

Black Taxi Cabs are accessible outside all Heathrow airports in taxi ranks and will take customers to Gatwick. The trip will take approximately 45 min (depending on traffic). You may have to wait long in line at rush hours, and one-way tickets are expected to cost over 100 pounds. Black cabs may accommodate up to five passengers, but remember to include them in luggage.

Traveling From Heathrow To Gatwick Airport By bus

The bus seems to be the sole public transportation option that provides a direct route. The National Express Coach Service requires approximately 75 minutes and serves five times every hour around the clock. Tickets for a particular departure time begin at 20 pounds single way if purchased in advance. You may pay a little extra for boarding any available coach 12 hours pre or post your scheduled departure time if space is open. Two 20-kilogram suitcases and one piece of hand baggage are permitted per person.

Low-cost airline Heathrow and Gatwick airports have easyJet bus services to downtown London. This service’s cheapest and most convenient method would be taking the tube from Heathrow to Earls Court (about 35 minutes), then transferring to the easyBus via Earls Court to Gatwick Airport North Terminal (the journey requires about 65 minutes). The total cost of the travel might be as low as 3.50 pounds.

Traveling From Heathrow to Gatwick Airport By train

Although there is no train service directly connecting the airports, you may commute across central London by rail and tube. You can take the Heathrow Express or the Tube to Paddington (the journey takes 15-minute. From Paddington, take the Circle Line to Victoria Station (15 minutes) and then take the Gatwick Express to Gatwick (travel time 30-minute). One way, the journey costs roughly 40 pounds.

Alternatively, you can consider taking the tube from Heathrow to Green Park (45 minutes) and then from Green Park to Victoria (two minutes). You can take the Gatwick Express to get to Gatwick from Victoria (a 30-minute journey). One way, the travel costs roughly 20 pounds. When the Gatwick Express is not functioning, you will need to find another mode of transportation.

Travelling From Heathrow To Gatwick Airport By Car

Think of pre-booking a private vehicle service to skip queuing up for a Black Cab or Gatwick Airport Taxi  at the airport. Many Airport Transfer companies will give you a discount when you book ahead of time. The trip should take roughly 45 minutes (depending on traffic) and cost about £55 one way. Pre-booked Your Heathrow To Gatwick Taxi have fixed prices that are quoted and paid during booking. UK Minicab Service Such As Minciabride Ltd will park At Gatwick Airport Stand and wait for you with a sign at the airport arrivals gate and help you with your luggage, you can book car seats for children or make other requests ahead of time that note if you’re traveling with a pet, etc.

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