How to get from Southend airport to London?

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Last Updated: 20 June 2022

London Southend Airport is approximately 42 miles east of the city center., Southend Airport is indeed a tiny one-terminal airport that, despite its lengthy history, has only recently begun to serve major commercial flights, thanks to the arrival of low-cost budget carrier EasyJet. Southend Airport’s present facilities, including the passenger terminal, railway station, and passenger infrastructure, are entirely brand new.

Public transportation from Southend Airport to London: bus or train?

The train system connecting London’s Liverpool Street Station to Southend, which also pauses at Stratford, seems to be the only practical public transportation between Southend Airport and London, except if you go by Minibus or cab. National Express does run a coach service between London and Southend. However, it only serves once daily, in the morning and evening, to accommodate locals traveling from Southend to London.

Travelling From Southend Airport To London By Train

Connecting Central London with Southend Airport, up to 8 trains every hour operate during peak hours, although most of the day, it’s like 2 or 3 trains per hour instead. Liverpool Street Station is indeed the primary station in London. Liverpool Street Station is located in Central London’s commercial district, where some leisure travelers will stay. Many people will transfer to the London Underground to conclude their trip to London. The Southend train stops at Stratford in both directions, and if you wish to avoid Liverpool Street, the London Underground is the best option. The traveling time between London Liverpool Street Station and Stratford is 53 minutes and 44 minutes, respectively. The station starts 15 minutes before the first train departs and shuts shortly after the last train leaves.

Travelling From Southend Airport To London By Bus

The X1 bus, operated by Ensign, departs Southend at 11.40 p.m. and reaches London Victoria at 1.05 a.m. Buses connecting Victoria to Southend leave at 3 a.m. and arrive at 4.35 a.m., in time for travelers to board the first aircraft at 6.30 a.m. Such buses are handy if you have an early or late departure and hence won’t be able to catch the first and last trains. Train fares in the United Kingdom are highly complicated. In simple terms, traveling off-peak (on weekends, even after 9.30 a.m. Monday through Friday) is less expensive than traveling during peak times. When you buy a return ticket and travel during off-peak hours, you can save a lot of money compared to buying two single tickets.

Train fares

London is highly dispersed. If you need to travel to your destination after disembarking from the airport bus or train, the cheapest trip to London may become expensive. If you’re traveling with a group or family, GroupSave prices seem to be the most cost-effective option, letting up to four people fly for the cost of two. Although there are no actual electronic tickets, you can book them online and pick them up at ticket machines at crucial train stations such as Southend Airport, Stratford, and Liverpool Street.

2 for 1 promotion

The railways support a long-running campaign that allows individuals who travel by train to explore famous sights to get 2 persons registered for the cost of one. While touring London, you can enjoy a two-for-one entrance to several of the city’s major attractions, along with the Tower of London; the whole list is extensive and spans the entire United Kingdom. If you get train tickets from Southend to London and plan on sightseeing, this is a great deal to take advantage of.

Travelling From Southend Airport To London By underground

The Underground or Tube would most likely be the mode of transportation for visitors to London. The subway is usually the quickest way to move around town and is often considerably faster than a taxi. There is always an underground station near where you would like to go and your accommodation, and navigating the system is pretty simple. The decision of which transit pass to buy can perplex a traveler to London. Those who work and live in London will mostly get an Oyster Card in their pocket, and as a basic rule, the Oyster Card is the standard to beat.

Travelling From Southend Airport To London By Private Airport Transpiration and Minicab

A private airport Transfer service can be booked if you want a more straightforward method to get to London or return to Southend. The driver shall meet you at the airport terminal holding a sign displaying your name, and transport you to the hotel as quickly as feasible. Southend Airport Taxi service costs a minimum of £105 and is not just more comfy but also less expensive than a black cab. Pre-booked Your Southend To London Taxi have fixed prices that are quoted and paid during booking. UK Minicab Service Such As Minciabride Ltd will park At Southend Airport Stand and wait for you with a sign at the airport arrivals gate and help you with your luggage, you can book car seats for children or make other requests ahead of time that note if you’re traveling with a pet, etc.

Heading To London From Southend Airport : 

Traveling from Southend Airport to London by taxi has never been easier! Follow these simple steps for the quickest and most cost-effective route, complete with estimated time and price estimates.  The first step in your journey is to determine how many passengers need a taxi. Depending on the number of passengers, you may opt for a larger vehicle or choose to split your group into multiple taxis. Make sure that you book enough taxis to accommodate everyone’s needs and if necessary arrange a meeting point where multiple taxis can meet up.

Book a licensed airport taxi in advance

Once you’ve determined how many passengers you need a taxi for, the next step is to book a licensed airport taxi in advance. It’s important to make sure that you are booking with a reliable and trusted provider as they can guarantee timely arrivals, courteous drivers and competitive fares. Make sure to check their customer reviews prior to booking . Before booking your taxi to London, it’s important to consider how long the journey will take and set your budget accordingly. The duration of the ride depends on the time of day and any roadworks or traffic that may occur on route. As a general guideline, a taxi from Southend Airport to Central London will take about an hour and a half in normal traffic conditions.

Check pertinent regulations when booking taxi to and from Southend Airport.

Before getting into any taxi from Southend Airport, it’s important to be aware of any regulations that apply. The airport has a list of requirements for all taxi drivers operating in the area. This includes having valid identification and being registered with the local authority. It is also important to check whether there are any restrictions on the type of vehicle you can use. Some authorities have limits on the age and size of cars in order to protect passengers.

Be aware of additional fees like tolls or airport pick-up fees that may be applied.

When booking a taxi from Southend Airport, take the time to check whether any additional fees may apply. These can include tolls for travelling on certain roads, airport pick-up fees or waiting time charges if your flight is delayed. It is always a good idea to clarify these potential additional costs with your driver before setting off on your journey.


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