June 2022: An Update from Our CEO

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Last Updated: 28 June 2022

It was beautiful to see many people participate and enjoy the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee at the start of June 2022. However, Minicabride has not been here as long as the queen. Similar to her, we have been at the heart of London for the last many years, and we share her flexible spirit and pride in keeping the people on the first side.

As the pandemic gets covered in the country, our industry, like others, is facing significant challenges with the driver’s availability of services. We have been putting in our best efforts to recruit the drivers and collect positive outcomes. Meanwhile, there are still many ways to go on. It is a well-known fact that we have years of experience in the operation team, it is effortless to find good knowledgeable people anywhere else in the taxi and even private hire industry.

The team, assisted by data and commercial proficiency, closely monitors command vs. providing for all of our services. We are forever searching for different means to improve, and as an essential part, we are working on various operational trials. Our trial has been quite positive, according to the initial performance data. To gather more information, you can contact the account manager.

In May, our CEO Mr. Kausar Shahzad was a part of a special interview with the Evening Standard. Mr. Kausar shared his insights on the two years as he returned to the business and some of the modifications the management team has set up. There are various personal reflections and what motivations Kausar to run a successful company. If you are familiar with the job of Mr. Kausar in the last few years, his passion for Minicabride is shown directly. I understand that we have a unique leadership team to give new energy to the business – no matter the result.

At last, we are happy to be dominant at two external events happening in June. On 15th and 06th June,2022, our Sustainability and Regulation Director, will speak at MOVE 2022. He will be setting out our pledge to astonish our fleet by 2023 and the significance of partners – which includes our customers – in assisting us to deliver the determined promise. If you are taking part in the MOVE, then hearing the words of Andrew is helpful.

We are showcasing the special business terms that make us industry leads. It is going to be a completely electric VW ID. 4s offered on the stand for the customer to find a feel for the ease our vehicle of choice has to give. We will also provide you a sneak peek at the next modernism we will be bringing to promote, our brand-new ground transport management product has been developed and designed by us, and our teams will be on-hand to display all it has to give. Moreover, there will be more information on the safety campaign we are making in collaboration with UN Women UK.

Burst by to see us at stand G30 if someone participates in the BTS this year. If you haven’t taken part, you can complete so here. We will serve iced coffee on the rise across both days so visitors can cool down from the June warmth. Join us to collect more information.

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