Top 7 Places to Visit in The UK in Spring

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Top 7 Places to Visit in The UK in Spring
Last Updated: 9 May 2024
Flowers are in full bloom, days are getting longer, and fruits and veggies are in season. You know what that means⁠—it’s finally spring! Welcome the new season with a nice vacation to the UK, where you’ll see sprawling palaces and medieval fortresses framed by vibrant roses, daffodils, tulips, and more.

1. Oxford


Explore Oxford, home of one of the oldest universities in the world

Transport yourself back in time as you wander through the enchanting streets of Oxford. This City of Dreaming Spires is a true marvel, with its ancient buildings steeped in history waiting to be discovered around every corner. During springtime, Oxford becomes even more magical, adorned with pink blossoms and vibrant tulips that frame iconic landmarks such as Radcliffe Camera, Christ Church Cathedral, Magdalen College, and many others. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience this breathtaking spectacle of nature and history intertwining perfectly.

2. The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is only home to 139,000 people yet it attracts 38 million visitors every year

Discovering the Cotswolds ranks among the top experiences in the UK, owing to its enchanting countryside allure, idyllic rivers, and captivating medieval structures. However, the ultimate time to immerse yourself in its beauty is undoubtedly during spring, when vibrant daffodils, delicate snowdrops, and charming bluebells adorn the breathtaking scenery. With a choice of six counties to explore – Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire – the Cotswolds offers an unforgettable journey through quintessential English charm.

3. Bath

The Cotswolds

Take in the views of the River Avon, Bath Abbey, and The Holburne Museum when you explore the UNESCO-listed city

Exploring the UK? Make sure Bath is on your list! This charming city, sculpted by Romans for ultimate relaxation with its natural thermal springs, is a must-visit. Aside from the iconic baths, discover the beauty of Parade Gardens and Sydney Gardens adorned with vibrant plum trees and blooming shrubs.

4. Northumberland

The Cotswolds

See the centuries-old Bamburgh Castle which is located on top of a volcanic rock

Love castles? Then you’re in for a treat! Exploring the enchanting fortresses scattered across the UK is a must-do, and Northumberland boasts a whopping 70 of them (yes, you read that right!). Picture-perfect especially in spring, when vibrant daffodils adorn their surroundings, and the crowds are thinner compared to the bustling summer months. Don’t miss out on this fairy tale experience!

5. London

The Cotswolds

Visit London With Your Friends and Family and Explore Top Places

In the UK, springtime is pure magic! With longer days, there’s ample opportunity to embrace the beauty of manicured lawns and vibrant gardens. Exploring London’s hidden gems like the Kyoto Garden and Chelsea Physic Garden adds an extra layer of delight, unveiling unique decor and fascinating histories. Don’t miss out on the joy of discovering these secret havens amidst the bustling cityscape!

6. Kent

The Cotswolds

Spend some time at Scotney Castle, which boasts an almost millennium long history

Looking for a delightful springtime getaway in the UK? Look no further than Kent! Known as “The Garden of England,” Kent boasts breathtaking displays of purple wisteria, vibrant red tulips, and a kaleidoscope of wildflowers. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms at Walmer Castle, Brogdale, and beyond. Kent is the perfect destination for a picturesque escape this spring!

7. Gower Peninsula

The Cotswolds

Take in the landscape of the Three Cliffs Bay and marvel at the limestone peaks

Expand your horizons beyond England and venture into the captivating landscapes of Wales! 🏴 Discover the wonders of this historic land, where every corner tells a story and every vista takes your breath away. From the majestic Gower Peninsula to the breathtaking Three Cliffs Bay, Wales offers an unrivaled blend of rich history and natural beauty. Embrace the longer days of spring by soaking in the awe-inspiring views of crashing waves and majestic peaks. Don’t miss out on one of the best experiences the UK has to offer!

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