The City of London has six main airports which are Stansted , Luton , Heathrow , Gatwick and London City Airport . Southend On Sea Airport is also one of the popular London airports for reaching the British capital, and although it is a bit further out of the center than the other airports, it is quite easy to get to central London from Southend. Here we leave you all the information you need to know about London airport transfers.

Each airport operates flights from different companies and with different schedules and prices, so we recommend that you compare what it would cost to fly to one airport or another before buying your tickets, since the savings can be significant.Currently, most people who travel to London usually do so with low-cost companies, such as Ryanair or Easyjet, since they increasingly offer more flights from the main airports in Spain, although if you travel from Madrid or Barcelona, ​​you can also fly with British Airways even if it costs a bit more.

Any of the airports have direct connections to central London, but with the exception of London City Airport and Heathrow, the others are outside of London’s transport zones, so it is not possible to get to the center by tube.When you are clear about which airports you can fly to from your city, remember to check the different options to get to your hotel if you have several options, to make sure that the transport from the airport to the hotel is as simple as possible.

London airport transfers to central London

Private Taxi Transfers from London Airports to the central London

To book a private transfer from one of the London airports to the center of London or vice versa, we usually recommend making the reservation through a minicabs service comparator, on one of the best known websites in the United Kingdom.A minicab in London is a taxi that can be booked in advance, and in this way you pay a fixed amount that has been established at the time of booking instead of relying on a meter, so even if there is traffic you will not pay more than the agreed. This is the option that we usually choose if we want to go by minicab to the airport.

Shared Taxi Transfers from London Airports to the Central London

One of the increasingly popular options is to book the transfer option from one of London’s airports to the city centre (or vice versa) in a shared transfer. Basically, it is a taxi or a kind of minibus from a private transfer company that makes numerous trips from the airports to the centre throughout the day. If there are more passengers who have booked this option, you will share the trip with them, but it may also be that at the time you need the transfer there is no one else. The driver will drop off passengers at the door of each hotel in central London. It is also possible to book this option from the hotel to the airport.

⇒ From Heathrow to central London

⇒ From Gatwick to central London

⇒ From Stansted to central London

⇒ From Luton to central London

⇒ From Southend to central London

Direct transfers from one airport to another in London

Sometimes when London is not our final destination, but we land in London to continue our journey, it is necessary to go from one airport to another without having to go through central London. For this you can book a minicab or see if there is a bus that makes the route that interests you.

Train transfers from London Airports to central London

From London Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted airports there is an express train that runs directly from each airport to central London. The trains in question are the Gatwick Express , the Stansted Express and the Heathrow Express , but I will explain each of them in more detail below.

In addition to the Express trains, there are normal trains that usually make the same routes, but they usually have several stops before reaching the centre of London and take longer, but the price of the journey on these trains is usually cheaper than the express train. You can take a look at our step-by-step guide to buy train tickets .Don’t forget that round-trip train tickets will be worth 2 × 1 discount in London.

Bus transfers from London Airports to central London

Several bus companies make the trips from the different London airports to the city centre.The National Express bus company is a major UK bus company that runs daily from Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports to central London. They offer comfortable coaches, with a luggage compartment and free Wi-Fi onboard.


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