There are several things to bear in mind when visiting London, especially if it is your first trip. Although London has an excellent public transportation system, taking a taxi seems handier than taking the bus or the tube. From Heathrow airport, one can hire a cab directly to London and take in the scenery as they travel to the British city. There are several benefits to taking a taxi, but perhaps the most significant one is that they are available year-round, day and night. Even national holidays and inclement weather cannot stop a cab service.

What are black cabs in London?

Taxis known as “black cabs” can be any coloring, not simply black. These are the only cabs that can halt and pick people up at taxi ranks or from the streets. But for a price, these can also be reserved through applications, the phone, and the internet. Black cab taxis feature two license plates, one located on the back of the car and the other within the passenger area, and yellow light-marked “TAXI” signage on the roof. While on service, the drivers must wear oval-shaped green badges.

These vehicles were specifically designed to transport passengers safely and comfortably. The interior has been divided to provide the passengers with their own place throughout the travel. The most pleasant method to move around London is in a black cab. Black cabs are a costly mode of transportation, but they offer flexibility and can even be speedier because they are allowed to utilize some bus routes in London. The cab will be waiting for you outside, and you will swap straightforwardly and know precisely what you are getting.  There are numerous minicab companies in East LondonSouth LondonWest LondonNorth London.

This is how you call a London cab from the street:

If the yellow “TAXI” signage on the roof is lighted, that cab is open for business. The taxi must either be off-duty or have a customer inside when the sign is not lit. Step off the sidewalk onto the roadside, keeping double red lines, pedestrian crossings, and bus stops at a distance. Additionally, avoid standing where you could get struck by passing cars. The taxi will stop next to you if you extend your arm as it approaches.

Black cab drivers are familiar with all London street turns, and they will know precisely where it is and how to get there as fast as possible if you state the location. Ask the cab drivers why they declined before they left if they said no. Black cab drivers in London are lawfully compelled to accept and pick up passengers cover a distance of 12 miles or for an hour until there is a compelling reason not to.

Can I use my credit card in a London taxi?

It’s true that London black cabs accept credit cards, debit cards, and other contactless payment methods. Every London black taxi has a contactless card reader that accepts payments and can print receipts installed in the passenger area. Debit and credit cards, as well as other contactless devices, are not subject to additional fees. However, cash is still an option for paying your fare.

Private Hire taxis

London Minicabs can be any car, but typically they are the standard models you see on the roadways. There is no barrier separating the passenger and the driver, and Minicabs are typically less expensive than black cabs. Nevertheless, you cannot order a minicab from a taxi rank or hail one from the street. It must be reserved in advance with a private minicab office, and the passengers must receive a booking confirmation from the business before departure.There are numerous taxi ranks outside public locations, including UK airports (Heathrow GatwickStanstedSouthend and Luton Airport) .and train stations ( Euston, Ilford, Kings cross, Liverpool, London Bridge, RomfordPaddingtonSt,Pancras, Stratford , VictoriaWaterlooWhitechapel Station )


In London, taking a taxi in London seems to be the most practical mode of transportation. On the crowded London subway trains and buses, people can move about comfortably without dealing with the stress of transporting their luggage.