Stansted Airport is the UK’s third busiest airport. Stansted is the arrival or departure airport for around 19 million air passengers a year, 39.8 Miles from London in the northern direction. However, the airport is accessible all day from almost anywhere in London. It is difficult for tourists and others to find affordable and best ways to get into London. At MiniCabRide LTD, we are the leading operator of Stansted Airport to London Taxi Transfer on this Route. We are 30 % cheaper than other taxi and minicab companies.
If you are to land during the odd or peak business hours of the day. Our Stansted Airport to London Taxi transfer is the best option. Our service is the most efficient and affordable service for the area. You can schedule things in advance while booking the service with us, and the rest will be handled. With the help of real-time technology, we can plan your pick and drop based on the airline’s timings. Once you book a service with MiniCabRide LTD, you don’t need to worry about airline timetables.
MiniCabRide LTD’s Stansted Airport to London Taxi hire service helps connect customers to and from the Stansted Airport, residential localities, and business centres around London, known as Popular Taxis. The service is managed under MiniCabRide LTD, one of London’s most extensive and affordable Stansted Airport Taxi Company. Our service is active 24/7, available even on public holidays, and suitable for all transfer requirements from individuals to the group. Keeping in line with MiniCabRide LTD’s philosophy of offering a hassle-free experience to every customer, we have made sure the booking experience should reflect the same. We offer multiple options through which a customer can use Airport taxi transfers so that anybody can do the same from their home or office.

Taxi Stansted Airport to London Transfers

Our Fleet

3 Seater Saloon Car Hire

Saloon Car
Toyota Prius, VW Passat or similar

3 Seater Executive Car

Executive Car
Mercedes E Class or Similar

6 Seater MPV6 Car Hire

Ford Galaxy Or Similar, Child Seat Available

7 Seater Executive Car

Exe. MPV7
Mercedes V Class or similar, Child Seat Available

8 Seater MPV8 Car Hire

Exe. MPV7
Mercedes V Class or similar, Child Seat Available

Looking for the Cheap Stansted Airport To London Taxi Transfer

Are you looking for the most cost-effective and cheapest taxi transfer from Stansted Airport to London? Look no further than MiniCabRide Ltd. Our specialized services cater to individuals and groups, ensuring a courteous, professional, personalized experience at affordable rates. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we guarantee on-time pick-up and drop-off services for your convenience.

Travelling economically is one thing, but doing so in style and comfort while enjoying a memorable experience is another – and that’s precisely what we offer. When you book with us, your ride will be assigned to an experienced and skilled driver from our team of professionals who uphold the highest industry standards. Our fleet consists of best-in-class minicabs meticulously maintained to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the journey. Trust MiniCabRide Ltd to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable transfer experience from Stansted Airport to London, where affordability meets excellence in service delivery.
We offer fixed-price taxi transfers from Stansted Airport to London with no hidden fees or additional costs; you can have peace of mind knowing exactly how much you will be paying upfront. Even if your flight is delayed, no extra charges are incurred, making it a reliable and cost-effective option for your transfer needs. By booking a Stansted Airport To London taxi transfer, you can focus on enjoying your journey without any concerns about unexpected expenses. MiniCabRide LTD is your go-to solution for taxi transfers that prioritize affordability without compromising quality service. With a dedicated team of experienced drivers and a fleet of well-maintained vehicles, we ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for individuals and groups.

Travel From Stansted Airport to London Transfer

At MiniCabRide LTD, we understand that each traveler has unique needs and preferences when it comes to their journey from Stansted Airport to London. That’s why we offer a diverse range of vehicles to cater to various requirements, whether traveling for business, seeking luxury and comfort, or needing a spacious minibus for a group trip. Our fleet is meticulously maintained to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for every passenger. Moreover, we prioritize the convenience and satisfaction of our customers by providing additional services, such as free meet-and-greet assistance for your journey. For those looking for environmentally friendly options, we also offer electric vehicles to reduce carbon footprint during your transfer. We provide complimentary child seats for safety and comfort if you are travelling with a newborn baby.
Additionally, our commitment to inclusivity extends to offering wheelchair-accessible taxis upon request. Should you have any queries or require further assistance, our dedicated 24/7 support team is always available to address your concerns promptly. Your seamless and tailored experience with MiniCabRide LTD is our top priority as we strive to make your journey from Stansted Airport to London as smooth and enjoyable as possible.
Arriving at Stansted Airport can be a smooth and hassle-free experience, especially when you take advantage of the complimentary meet-and-greet services. Upon landing, you will be warmly welcomed by a professional driver who will assist you with your luggage and guide you to your waiting taxi. This convenient service ensures a seamless transition from the airport to your destination in London.

How Much is a taxi from Stansted to London Airport?

Here is our estimated prices for Taxis to Stansted Airport to Other London Airports. We aim to provide transparent and reliable estimates :

Airport Transfers Distance Price Apx. Journey Time
Taxi From Stansted to Heathrow Airport Transfer 63.2 MILES £79:00 01 hour 30 Minutes
Taxi From Stansted to London (WC1) Transfer 39.9 MILES £69:00 01 hour 10 Minutes
Taxi From Stansted to Gatwick Airport Transfer 70.9 MILES £99:00 01 hour 12 Minutes
Taxi From Stansted to Southend Airport Transfer 37.8 MILES £99:00 01 hour
Taxi From Stansted to London City Airport Transfer 35.6 MILES £59:00 45 hour
Taxi From Stansted to Luton Airport Transfer 43.4 MILES £79:00 01 hour 10 minutes
Taxi From Stansted to Cambridge Transfer 29.7 MILES £78:00 45 minutes

*The aforementioned Stansted Airport Minicab prices are approximations from December 2023. MiniCab fares depend upon the route, the distance rate allocated by the MiniCab Company, and the total time of the journey. For further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Every pickup from the airport is subject to £5 of Parking charges to cover up to 30 minutes of the car park. (These are airport charges as we provide free meet & greet service; however, airport parking is only for pickup from the airport).

*Every journey is subject to £2 of the booking fee..

What do we also Provide?

Book your Stansted Airport to London Taxi Transfer Services with us.

When booking a cheap taxi from Stansted Airport to London with MiniCabRide LTD, the process is simple and convenient. Using our website’s “Make a booking” button, you can quickly enter your pickup location at Stansted Airport or input the zip code CM24 1QW. Next, select your drop-off location in London or enter the zip code WC1A 1AB. choose your preferred journey date and time before clicking “search.” You will then be presented with a range of vehicle options along with their respective prices. Once you’ve selected your desired vehicle, proceed to enter all necessary information, such as your name, email address, flight number, and phone number. Finally, make the payment for your journey securely online.
After completion of the booking process, you will receive an email confirmation detailing your reserved journey. This seamless booking system ensures that your travel arrangements are efficiently managed while providing peace of mind, knowing that a reliable and professional service provider like MiniCabRide LTD handles your transportation needs. So why wait? Book your taxi transfer today and enjoy a stress-free journey from Stansted Airport to London at an affordable price!

Reliable & Affordable Way to Travel From Stansted Airport to London Transfer

MiniCabRide LTD specialize in providing reliable and efficient airport transfers to and from Stansted Airport, catering to any location within the United Kingdom. Our top priority is to ensure a seamless and comfortable journey for all our customers. With a fleet of premium Mercedes Benz cars, we guarantee a luxurious and stylish door-to-door transfer experience from Stansted Airport to London. We are proud of our airport transfer service to and from Stansted Airport. A customer pays a minimal fee for the service irrespective of the time the service is booked. After choosing MiniCabRide Ltd for your airport transfer needs, you can rest assured that you will receive top-notch service from experienced drivers in well-maintained vehicles.
So why compromise on quality when you can save 30% on your journey while enjoying a seamless and enjoyable ride from Stansted Airport to London with MiniCabRide Ltd? Pre-booking your taxi from Stansted Airport to London transfer will take less time than other transportation modes. This is especially useful for those with an early-morning flight or a late-night arrival. When you pre-book a minicab from Stansted Airport to London, you will receive the cheapest and most affordable prices. It assures you that your driver will be waiting for you at the airport when you arrive. This can be especially beneficial during busy travel times.

What will you get from our Stansted Airport To London Taxi Transfer ?

    • MiniCabRide LTD is known for its fair price policy. Any Stansted to London Taxi transfer booked with MiniCabRide LTD is always charged based on a fixed rate. This rate remains the same irrespective of when the service is requested or if there is an event of delay due to traffic during the transfer period.
    • The service is known for offering 24-hour access and is active even on public holidays.
    • The service can handle any transfer requirement, be it a late-night pick-up or drop-off to any airport around the city of London, or it can require travel to any of the localities around the city.
    • The service is backed by an extensive fleet of MPVs, minicabs, and luxury sedans to cater to all customer requirements.
    • We have a flight monitoring system that tracks all flights. If your flight is delayed, we will arrange your taxi according to your flight landing time.
    • If you plan a trip from Stansted Airport to London with your child aged between 3 and 8, you can rest assured that MiniCabRide has covered you. As part of our commitment to providing a safe and comfortable travel experience, we also offer baby or booster seats for your convenience.

Why Choose MiniCabRide Ltd. ?

All our drivers are polite, courteous, and n time. We strive to be the best in our field and focus on building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We are a 24*7 and 365-day operator, so you can rest assured that your needs will be handled at any point of the day. We are More Than A Minicab Transfer Company, We are Minicabride LTD..!!

Transfer from Stansted Airport To London by Taxi:

A Taxi Transfer from Stansted Airport to London with MiniCabRide LTD will take approximately 01 hour and 10 minutes. Stansted Airport to London Transfer will cost approximately £69.00* for a standard saloon car, which can carry 4 passengers, 2 check-in luggage, and 2 hand luggage. The total mileage under traffic will be 40 miles Via M11 Road. We are a Top UK Minicabs and Private hire company in the United Kingdom.

let’s answer some frequently asked questions

A Taxi Transfer from Stansted Airport to London with MiniCabRide LTD will take approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes Via M11 Road. Stansted Airport To London (EC1) Transfer will cost approximately £69.00* for a standard saloon car, which can carry 4 passengers, 2 check-in luggage, and 2 hand luggage. The total mileage under traffic will be 40 miles. we are the leading UK Minibcabs and Private hire company in the United Kingdom.

We offer multiple options through which a customer can Book Our Taxi from Stansted Airport to London transfer, which includes :

  1. One can book our service by giving a call on 02070050090.
  2. Emailing us at with details of the pickup point and your contact details so that the team can make the necessary arrangements.
  3. If you are comfortable doing it online, visit us at

The journey from Stansted Airport London (EC1) takes 01 hour and 10 Minutes, depending on traffic conditions, and the journey distance is 40 Miles via M11 Road. Our experienced drivers will bring the most efficient route to get you to your destination on time.

Yes, there are many benefits of pre-booking a taxi or private hire. If you book a taxi or private hire in advance, your taxi or private hire will arrive before you reach the destination. So, pre-booking a taxi is very beneficial for every traveller.

You can book a taxi in advance with MiniCabRide LTD. We recommend booking at least 24 hours before your journey to ensure availability. If you need to book a cab on short notice, please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Yes, you can request a specific type of vehicle when you book your taxi. We offer a range of cars to suit different needs, including standard saloons, minivans, and luxury vehicles. Please let us know if you have any special requirements, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, please inform us immediately. We will do our best to accommodate any changes to your travel plans and reschedule your taxi booking accordingly. Our advanced Flight Monitoring and GPS Tracking systems guarantee prompt and efficient pick-up and drop-off services to all our passengers. We understand the importance of timely transportation. That is why we request flight details from our passengers to track the flight and adjust their schedules accordingly.

Our Flight Monitoring system allows us to monitor any changes in flight schedules, including delays and cancellations. We can ensure that our drivers are always on time, even if your flight is delayed or rescheduled. Our GPS Tracking system lets us locate our drivers in real-time, providing accurate and up-to-date information on their estimated arrival time. With MiniCabRide LTD, you can rest assured that you will always arrive at your destination on time and in style.

Are you travelling with family and child? We offer accessible baby seats to families and couples with infants and babies. Our baby seats are designed to provide maximum safety and comfort for your little ones. They are made of high-quality materials and are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use. With our baby seats, you can rest assured that your baby is secure and protected throughout the ride. So, whether going to the airport, seaport, train station, or just exploring the city, MiniCabRide LTD has everything you need to make your ride memorable.

The best way to get from Stansted Airport to London is by train. Travelling from Stansted Airport to London takes an average of 50 minutes, which costs £14-£29 for one Person. If you are in a Group with more than one Member. Private hire or Taxi Transfer is the best and fastest way to get From Stansted Airport to London, which costs only £69.00* For standard Saloon cars, which can carry 4 passengers, 2 check-in luggage, and 2 hand luggage. The Journey takes only 01 hour and 10 minutes, booking a private Stansted Airport to London Taxi is more convenient and would be Direct Transport, too. Also, taxi travel is more comfortable and offers door-to-door transfer services that you will not get with other transport alternatives.
And if you are looking for the Cheapest Option for Travelling from Stansted Airport to London, the cheapest way to get from Stansted to London is by bus, which costs £12 – £19 for one person and takes 01 Hour and 10 minutes.

It is Easy to get a taxi or private hire at Stansted Airport. Taxi drop-off and pick-up points are located at Outside of terminals, near the check-in desk.

No, we are A fixed-priced company and do not offer hidden fees when you book a Stansted Airport to London taxi transfer with us. You can even request additional services like a Baby/infant Seat or Wheelchair Accessible car.

You can contact us anytime through email at or by calling us at 0044 207 005 0090, and we will cancel the booking for you. We won’t charge you for rides canceled before 24 hours of the trip time. For more information, kindly refer to our cancellation policy.

To travel from Stansted Airport (STN) to London, you have several transportation options, including train, coach (bus), taxi, and private transfers. Here are the most common methods:

Option 1: Train

  • From Stansted Airport to London Liverpool Street:
    • The Stansted Express train is the fastest and most convenient option. The train station is located directly below the airport terminal. The journey takes approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on your destination within London.

Option 2: Coach (Bus)

  • From Stansted Airport to London Liverpool Station:
    • There is a Direct Bus departing London Stansted Airport and arriving at London Liverpool Street Station station. Services depart every 20 minutes and operate every day. The journey time can vary, but it typically takes 1 hour and 10 minutes, depending on traffic and the specific route.

Option 3: Taxi or Private Transfer

  • You can also hire a taxi or pre-book a private transfer service with MiniCabRide LTD, which will take you directly from London Stansted Airport to anywhere in London. MiniCabRide LTD offers door-to-door transportation, providing a convenient and hassle-free option. It’s advisable to book in advance to ensure availability. The journey takes only 1 hour and 10 minutes Via M11.

You can pay Online for your taxi with All types of credit or debit cards or through PayPal.

Yes, We Offer meet-and-greet Services. Our drivers are well-versed in navigating the airport and will be waiting for you at the designated meeting point, holding a sign with your name. To ensure a seamless experience, our drivers will track your flight and monitor any delays or changes in schedule. This way, you can rest assured that your driver will be waiting for you upon arrival, regardless of unforeseen circumstances. Our meet-and-greet services are available at low rates, making them an affordable option for passengers seeking a stress-free Journey From Stansted Airport to London.

Our Stansted Airport Meeting Point : 

  • Stansted Aiport: Driver Will Meet You at Cost Coffee Shop.