Is it safe to ride a taxi in London?

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Is it safe to ride a taxi in London
Last Updated: 26 May 2024

Taxis are the lifeline of London because of their day/night services. You can book a taxi in London at any time simply by using the company’s Website or app. Many companies like MiniCabRide provide taxi services and employ verified drivers, which solves the security issue that comes to our minds during the late-night journey. The services promise to provide the best means of travelling around London. Book a Mini Cab Ride from their mobile app; a verified driver can be with you in minutes. So if you want space and a quick way to get from one destination to another, taxis are one of the simplest and fastest ways of getting around.

Riding a taxi in London is generally considered safe, thanks to the city’s stringent regulations and the reputation of its iconic black cabs. Licensed taxi drivers undergo rigorous background checks and extensive knowledge tests of the city’s streets and adhere to strict safety standards. The cabs themselves are regularly inspected for safety and comfort. Additionally, modern technology allows passengers to book rides through reputable apps, offering features like driver tracking, fare estimates, and digital payment options, which enhance both convenience and security. However, as in any major city, it is advisable to remain vigilant, ensuring that the taxi is licensed correctly and avoiding unlicensed cabs, particularly during late hours or in less populated areas. Overall, with due diligence, taking a taxi in London is a reliable and secure mode of transport.

Well, it is one of the most challenging questions to answer: “Is it safe to ride a taxi in London?”. As an active resident and traveller, you should consider lots of things in your mind to have a better service. Numerous minicab companies exist in East LondonSouth LondonWest London and  North London.

Staying safe in London taxis

Taxes are commonly called safe on the road of London, and there’s nothing to be troubled about; however, keeping a few things in mind is required for your security. For example, it is unsafe to find a minicab if you have pre-booked it. The prime reason is that they are just expected to complete the previously arranged jobs, so it might seem doubtful if they offer to take you abode. Therefore, you should avoid flagging down private hire taxis on the road.

More safety advice comprises:

• Don’t allow a drunken friend to travel single-handedly
• In the same way, avoid travelling alone if you’re too drunk
• Make sure that your cell phone is adequately charged before the party or gathering
• Make sure authorities license the selected taxi or cab
• Make sure that the driver has an ID badge
• It would be better to sit in the backseat instead of the passenger seat

Can a taxi driver refuse a fare?

It is also a security issue that comes to mind, but in the UK, a taxi driver cannot refuse a fare without a reasonable excuse because, in the UK, it’s considered a criminal offence. Common reasons for a journey being denied include:

• A passenger being excessively drunk or threatening
• The taxi has already been booked by some other
• The taxi driver is waiting to pick up a family member or friend.
• The taxi driver refuses to go to the destination because of safety reasons

Pre Book Your Minicab In London

You can book directly with a licensed minicab company with the help of an application, phone, or at their office. It would help if you got a confirmation on the booking, which can be done through a text message, app, or email. To give the safer side to the customers, the booking confirmation should possess as a minimum:

• The mark of the vehicle registration
• The driver’s private hire license number
• The first name and surname of the driver
• Where the passenger can get it, a driver’s photo and contact number.

If the driver or the message delivery isn’t the same as in your booking verification, don’t get in the car – it isn't secure. It would be better to avoid using an unbooked minicab – things can also be illegal and dangerous.

Complain against offensive behaviour.

More than a thousand taxi and minicabs complete their services daily, and every few cases or incidents happen. The company takes passenger safety seriously. If you experience any actions of a sexual nature from a taxi or minicab driver, including if they comment on your look or look at you in a way that makes you feel uneasy, you should report it.

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